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Reflection not perfection: why i’ll dare to blog in public!

This blog is going to be one of my main areas for reflection whilst I complete module H818 of the Masters in Online and Distance Education, The Networked Practitioner. And, I come to it with some trepidation. My reflection will not be perfection, in… Continue Reading “Reflection not perfection: why i’ll dare to blog in public!”

Haunted by the word… Innovation

Let’s be clear I love innovation. Innovation is great but as a word and concept, it’s turning into one of those words that is haunting me. It’s like when you hear a song you haven’t heard in ages and then it’s everywhere. Or you… Continue Reading “Haunted by the word… Innovation”

Learning Analytics: Are You Motivated?

My current block in the H817 Openness and Innovation in E-Learning is on learning analytics and word up, after my operation I am super behind on my readings and studies but, I did want to share a few thoughts here. Firstly, just the term… Continue Reading “Learning Analytics: Are You Motivated?”

Portfolio Piece – Vyond Animation Video

I have added another piece to my portfolio, an animation video piece I created using Vyond. I wanted to create a fun and short video introduction to myself. I like the ‘cartoony’ animation style of Vyond and hoped to reflect my own personality into… Continue Reading “Portfolio Piece – Vyond Animation Video”

Team Violet Project – Our Prototype

I’ve just had my TMA03 marked, my third assignment in the H817 module, Openness and Innovation in eLearning and am thrilled with the mark so excuse me whilst I do a little celebration dance! But more than just the mark, this has been my… Continue Reading “Team Violet Project – Our Prototype”

Spotting, Appreciating & Being Inspired by Design – Wherever You Are, Whatever You Are Doing.

Not the catchiest of blog post titles I admit but hey, we’re having a heatwave in the UK and the brain circuitry is melting! This last weekend I was in London (a very hot, sticky London!) to see the play The Lieutenant of Inishmore… Continue Reading “Spotting, Appreciating & Being Inspired by Design – Wherever You Are, Whatever You Are Doing.”

ID6WC Week 1 – Articulate Storyline 360 Mini Course

Time to bite the bullet and join in #ID6WC (That’s the Instructional Design 6 Week Challenge with Cara North). I am hugely nervous, feel extremely amateur amongst some great IDs on Twitter. But, they are very encouraging and generous with their time and mentorship… Continue Reading “ID6WC Week 1 – Articulate Storyline 360 Mini Course”