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humour in elearning – a laughing matter?

My chosen topic to investigate, and produce a project around, is the use of humour in eLearning. I’ll talk more about my project ideas in future posts but you may be wondering why this topic has jumped out at me. I am a desperate… Continue Reading “humour in elearning – a laughing matter?”

Reflection not perfection: why i’ll dare to blog in public!

This blog is going to be one of my main areas for reflection whilst I complete module H818 of the Masters in Online and Distance Education, The Networked Practitioner. And, I come to it with some trepidation. My reflection will not be perfection, in… Continue Reading “Reflection not perfection: why i’ll dare to blog in public!”

Haunted by the word… Innovation

Let’s be clear I love innovation. Innovation is great but as a word and concept, it’s turning into one of those words that is haunting me. It’s like when you hear a song you haven’t heard in ages and then it’s everywhere. Or you… Continue Reading “Haunted by the word… Innovation”

Portfolio Piece – Vyond Animation Video

I have added another piece to my portfolio, an animation video piece I created using Vyond. I wanted to create a fun and short video introduction to myself. I like the ‘cartoony’ animation style of Vyond and hoped to reflect my own personality into… Continue Reading “Portfolio Piece – Vyond Animation Video”

Team Violet Project – Our Prototype

I’ve just had my TMA03 marked, my third assignment in the H817 module, Openness and Innovation in eLearning and am thrilled with the mark so excuse me whilst I do a little celebration dance! But more than just the mark, this has been my… Continue Reading “Team Violet Project – Our Prototype”

#ID6WC – Amp Quiz: How-To

Very glad people liked the example for #ID6WC and thank you so much Girly Geek for asking about how I created it. Le me walk you though and also here’s the story file so you can play with it too 🙂 This is a… Continue Reading “#ID6WC – Amp Quiz: How-To”

ID6WC Week 1 – Articulate Storyline 360 Mini Course

Time to bite the bullet and join in #ID6WC (That’s the Instructional Design 6 Week Challenge with Cara North). I am hugely nervous, feel extremely amateur amongst some great IDs on Twitter. But, they are very encouraging and generous with their time and mentorship… Continue Reading “ID6WC Week 1 – Articulate Storyline 360 Mini Course”