Vyond Animation – Introducing Me

I created this little ‘Introduction to Me’ animation video using Vyond.

I wanted the video to be bright and fun, not too long and reflective of me as a person. I created my own character to look like me rather than a stock character (though my hair colour has changed since!). The scenes and backgrounds are a mixture of Vyond templates and my edits, to continue that bold, cartoon look.

I added text-to-speech generated narration. Whilst ideally I would have recorded my own narration, as is possible with Vyond, my headset was killed in a cat related incident which will make total sense when you watch the video!

Short, sharp animation can convey many aspects but are particularly good for recreating and demonstrating scenarios and people interactions; more engaging than trying to describe or recreate those scenarios in a static form.

The video was uploaded to You Tube for ease of sharing and also to make use of their closed captioning capability, which is not currently available directly in Vyond.

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