Mobile Learning App – OU Team Project

As part of our studies in the H817 Openness and Innovation in eLearning, I completed a group project with three of my fellow students over the period of six weeks.

Our brief was to create a learning application or content, exploring local history using mobile and/or social technology.

Throughout the design process we created a team site to display our approaches, activities and our final prototype, Please do visit the website at

The main objective and educational aim of our project was to produce an activity-based app that allowed foreign students in the UK learn and improve English language skills in a practical way whilst learning about, and engaging with, local history via mobile and social media technology.Our target audience was foreign students studying in the UK who may or may not be formally studying English

I undertook the role of media manager, though as a team we were highly collaborative in all activities that were given us as part of the learning design process.

In terms of theoretical framework we used Connectivism and Constructionism, further details of which you can find on our team website.

On the completion of our storyboards and a meeting, I amalgamated the storyboards and our decisions to build on my initial Pidoco wireframe to create an interactive prototype.

I then created a video walkthrough of the prototype which you can view here (closed captioning available):

Prototype Walkthrough

And you can try the prototype out yourself:

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