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I was very honoured to be asked to help Autism Hounslow help spread their message on what people with autism want you to know – especially potential employers.

The group had a poster on this subject which can be seen here. I liked the personal touch of including a real person, and the statements are punchy. However, I also know that people soon scan through items, especially if you are sharing on sites liked LinkedIn or social media, and that the text might not grab people. Also, their website address is difficult to read being vertical.

I decided to redesign it in an infographic style – with catchy graphics but keeping the same statements. Even though there is the same amount of text as the original poster it is less overwhelming and feels more bitesized.

Whilst the infographic is to educate and engage people with no or little knowledge of the autism spectrum I still wanted to be respectful of those with autism who wanted to put this message out. With feedback and research I became aware that many on the autism spectrum find contrasting colours unappealing or uncomfortable. Using three adjacent colours on the colour wheel, muted, is usually a better experience. Blue is also found to be calming. For more information on colour, in terms of decorating though the principle can be applied to content, I found this article very interesting. I decided to use blue-bluey green-green as the base for the infographic with greys, browns and black for text and graphics.

I have received lovely feedback from the charity below, but as I say, it was entirely my pleasure to help them spread this very important message.

This is brilliant. Love how all aspects were captured in graphics and then defined with words” – Rhoda

Love it!  Well done guys!” – Dors

I think it’s great and hits the right tone for me. Thanks! ” – Rose

Infographic on autism

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  1. This is brilliant way to communicate their feelings!!! The infographic takes the message the flyer was hard trying to convey to another level. The flyer had a momentary impact with that single picture and the statements in the message got a bit lost – but this approach allows all the statements in the overall message to voiced equally.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope I will be able to help you all further in the future!

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