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Haunted by the word… Innovation

Let’s be clear I love innovation. Innovation is great but as a word and concept, it’s turning into one of those words that is haunting me. It’s like when you hear a song you haven’t heard in ages and then it’s everywhere. Or you… Continue Reading “Haunted by the word… Innovation”

Rotten to the Core

I’m sorry, that is such a clickbait title but, I couldn’t resist! I’m pleased to say I had my operation last week and am recuperating well. Once inside the surgeons found I didn’t have gallstones plural, but one massive black pearl pigment stone, about… Continue Reading “Rotten to the Core”

More Change Than A Penny Arcade

Well if nothing else, I like to keep life interesting! So a few changes have happened over the last few weeks. Or rather CHANGES, in bold….and neon…and with spikes. I did the fatal thing of jinxing life. As I walked out of the hospital… Continue Reading “More Change Than A Penny Arcade”

What Does Your Personal Learning Environment Look Like?

And moreover, what do you want it to look like? On my Masters, we have recently been looking at the arguments for and against Personal Learning Environments (PLE). Some argue they are already here and that learners are forming their own hub of resources… Continue Reading “What Does Your Personal Learning Environment Look Like?”

How to be a bad (and therefore, totally normal) mature, distance student

When you sign up to be a mature, distance student, you do so knowing it will not be an easy path. Whether your 15-20 hours of study per week are going to run alongside a 40-50 hour work week, family life, a social life;… Continue Reading “How to be a bad (and therefore, totally normal) mature, distance student”

E-Learning – Do Ever Get ‘The Guilts’?

Late last year, I gave Audible a go, the audio-book people. And with it came….guilt and I wondered who else experiences this. The guilt comes from that old chestnut – it’s the easier way. Reading the book is the right way, the proper, the… Continue Reading “E-Learning – Do Ever Get ‘The Guilts’?”

But, What is Learning?!

One of the most enlightening discussions on the Masters so far came from the, what initially seems innocuous, question ‘define learning’. Surely, learning is just learning – you didn’t know stuff and then you know it. But, we all know learning is so much… Continue Reading “But, What is Learning?!”