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Issues Facing Open Educational Resources

This blog post is an activity for H817 Openness and Innovation in eLearning where we are asked to consider three key issues we feel face OER (Open Education Resources) and how they are being addressed. For a quick recap on what OER are I… Continue Reading “Issues Facing Open Educational Resources”

Activity Idea: Saying Goodbye in a Remote Team

Recently, we said goodbye to one of our long-standing team members at work as she moves to pastures new. We have been together for many years, gone through her pregnancy together, many birthdays, Christmases, oh yes, and work! And none of this has been… Continue Reading “Activity Idea: Saying Goodbye in a Remote Team”

Openness in Education: what is it?

Another Block 2 activity and one I feel is really the start of a longer discussion rather than a completed artefact. For this activity we were asked to choose two readings from a list of 6, all looking at the concept of openness and… Continue Reading “Openness in Education: what is it?”

Where Have I Been? Where Am I Going?

The blog wanderer returns! So, as you see I haven’t blogged in many months (shame on me). We left with me in the throws of my first module of my Masters in Online and Distance Education (MAODE). I cannot put into words the amount… Continue Reading “Where Have I Been? Where Am I Going?”

Monday Meme August 6th – Is That My Brain Melting?

It’s the fourth day of my four day weekend. I took some holiday time from work to give myself a long weekend to dedicate to study with my next assignment due next Monday. The idea has been to rise early, study non-stop, go to… Continue Reading “Monday Meme August 6th – Is That My Brain Melting?”

Don’t Make Teachers and Homework the Big Bad Wolf!

I had one of those sad, tongue biting moments this week. I went out for lunch with my mother to our favourite which was heaving with visitors and people enjoying the last week of the Easter holidays. as we took our seats, the people… Continue Reading “Don’t Make Teachers and Homework the Big Bad Wolf!”