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Portfolio Piece – Vyond Animation Video

I have added another piece to my portfolio, an animation video piece I created using Vyond. I wanted to create a fun and short video introduction to myself. I like the ‘cartoony’ animation style of Vyond and hoped to reflect my own personality into… Continue Reading “Portfolio Piece – Vyond Animation Video”

Blogging as a Learning Tool

A quiet time on my blog lately, but good news that I my second assignment went very well – huzzah! One subject on that assignment was how my understanding of blogging as a learning tool. So, here’s some of my thoughts on that subject.… Continue Reading “Blogging as a Learning Tool”

#ID6WC – Amp Quiz: How-To

Very glad people liked the example for #ID6WC and thank you so much Girly Geek for asking about how I created it. Le me walk you though and also here’s the story file so you can play with it too 🙂 This is a… Continue Reading “#ID6WC – Amp Quiz: How-To”

ID6WC Week 1 – Articulate Storyline 360 Mini Course

Time to bite the bullet and join in #ID6WC (That’s the Instructional Design 6 Week Challenge with Cara North). I am hugely nervous, feel extremely amateur amongst some great IDs on Twitter. But, they are very encouraging and generous with their time and mentorship… Continue Reading “ID6WC Week 1 – Articulate Storyline 360 Mini Course”

Learning Code with Santa

Are we all feeling festive?! I am a sucker for all things Christmas and Santa related so what could be better than some online learning with Santa’s help? As someone of a certain age whose entire coding experience at school was on a BBC… Continue Reading “Learning Code with Santa”