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Monday Meme – July 22nd 2019. The Future of Education

Some of you may have seen in the news recently that publisher Pearson is going to phase out print books and go digital first. This came as little shock to me, and I’m sure many others interested in EdTech, but do not, I repeat,… Continue Reading “Monday Meme – July 22nd 2019. The Future of Education”

Meme Monday is back! When you are playing catch up…

I am a bit behind in my Masters study at the moment after taking almost three weeks to kick a nasty flu virus out of the way. Compared to my last module, H817 isn’t as heavy on readings but that is like saying a… Continue Reading “Meme Monday is back! When you are playing catch up…”

Monday Meme July 2nd – Studying Is Hot

So for a meme to kick the week off I thought I would address the current heatwave we are experiencing in the UK. Studying in the heat, over a laptop which identifies as a radiator, is not a lot of fun and very, very… Continue Reading “Monday Meme July 2nd – Studying Is Hot”

Monday Meme June 18th – Kittens in E-Learning

 As anyone who knows me even the slightest will tell you – I am a firm believer in kittens being a vital part of e-learning! I will also deviate to puppies at times.  

Monday Meme June 4th – To All Those With Exams and Assignments

No Monday Meme last week, or posts, as last week was all about finishing my latest Masters assignment. As we enter June it is the hotbed of exams, assignments and proposals. So today’s meme goes out to all my ladies out there who are… Continue Reading “Monday Meme June 4th – To All Those With Exams and Assignments”

Monday Meme – Learning Styles (Royal Wedding Edition)

What an amazing weekend we have just had here in the UK with the Royal Wedding, which brought tears and laughter in my house. So for Monday meme this week I decided I had to create my own gif! Given some great discussions recently… Continue Reading “Monday Meme – Learning Styles (Royal Wedding Edition)”

Monday Meme – Assignments Looming

And so the second assignment of my first module in the Masters in Online and Distance Education looms like a massive ball of fiery terror on the horizon. I know many of my module-mates are going through the same thing – trying to fit… Continue Reading “Monday Meme – Assignments Looming”

Monday Meme – May 7th 2018

How is it Monday again? And, how the double heck is it May?! This is such a great carton from Arun Pradhan   E-Learning is wonderful, especially for companies with employees scattered around a country or even the world, but you can’t just dish it… Continue Reading “Monday Meme – May 7th 2018”

Monday Meme April 23rd 2018

Create e-learning? Ring a bell?!!

Monday Memes April 16th 2018

I love memes. I am that person. My best friend and I can have entire conversations in memes. I know they annoy people like word art as home decor and inspirational posters but hey, it’s my blog so ha! If it’s Monday, it’s meme… Continue Reading “Monday Memes April 16th 2018”