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Monday Meme – July 22nd 2019. The Future of Education

Some of you may have seen in the news recently that publisher Pearson is going to phase out print books and go digital first. This came as little shock to me, and I’m sure many others interested in EdTech, but do not, I repeat,… Continue Reading “Monday Meme – July 22nd 2019. The Future of Education”

Monday Meme July 2nd – Studying Is Hot

So for a meme to kick the week off I thought I would address the current heatwave we are experiencing in the UK. Studying in the heat, over a laptop which identifies as a radiator, is not a lot of fun and very, very… Continue Reading “Monday Meme July 2nd – Studying Is Hot”

One Million Girls – Commonwealth Education Pledge

 I didn’t want the week to pass without making some note of the recent Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting and the topic of girls education. Girls education is one of the driving forces in my further study of Online and Distance Education, and e-learning.… Continue Reading “One Million Girls – Commonwealth Education Pledge”