Reflection not perfection: why i’ll dare to blog in public!

This blog is going to be one of my main areas for reflection whilst I complete module H818 of the Masters in Online and Distance Education, The Networked Practitioner. And, I come to it with some trepidation.

My reflection will not be perfection, in either thought or presentation. I tend to blog on the spur of a moment and have little patience with editing and proof reading. My thoughts come out raw. This is one reasons I have probably kept them in my head. Sometimes even the safety of the closed forum of my student cohorts seems daunting enough.

One aspect is undoubtedly imposter syndrome of which I am hardly a rarity for suffering. Does my take on a piece or opinion sound foolish or ill-thought out? Will I just expose myself as not really worthy of being their?

This certainly crosses my mind when thinking of using my blog in this way – to discuss my thoughts, ideas and yes, even criticisms, of my industry – eLearning and Instructional Design. I follow many wonderful IDs and professionals on the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn. I sit fascinated in talks by them whether webcasts or at conferences. I read their papers, their blogs…and I have put them on a pedestal, I have made them ‘other’ to me. Better, more talented, more well versed.

But in doing so I have overlooked one very important aspect that just crept into that last paragraph. This is ‘my’ industry. It is one I have worked in for over a decade, which I have studied and which, I hope, have contributed to in any small way. From sharing a template of a design to pointing someone in the direction of information they need, to partnering with peers on projects, I am part of the community.

Given I happily talk nonsense on other subjects, why not this one too?! Why not think aloud to sometimes sink but sometimes fly? And perhaps in doing so meet and network with others, often to hear that classic start ‘It’s funny you should say that…’ or ‘I thought I was the only one’.

As I investigate one of my topics of interest in the coming months (humour in eLearning) and share other thoughts I warmly welcome you to treat this as somewhere you can comment, send a message or just use as a springboard for your own personal reflection.

There will be typos and mistakes to make an English teacher’s toes curl. There will be tangents. There will be questions a plenty but not necessarily the answer.

Please feel free to comment!

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