A new chapter: thinking about opeNness, networking and humour in our learning community

Catchy title, huh?

Like many other places and events in life this blog had a 2020 hiatus. A quick report is all is well here with me and I hope it is with you too.

During the summer I finished the third module of my Masters degree (in Online and Distance Education) and am now in the driving seat of my fourth, and final module!, ‘The Networked Practitioner”. You’ll often see me referring to #H818, H818 being the code for this Open University module.


‘The Networked Practitioner” makes us focus on how we network as a community of learning professionals, with participants from the worlds of primary to further education, adult education, professional development and corporate training. Do we like networking? Fear it? Avoid it? Don’t know where to start? What are the benefits and pitfalls?

Whilst we delve into this, often deeply personal, part of of our professional practice we are also challenged to complete a project embracing open practice and networking during that time and reflect on the experience.

I’m going to be looking at using humour in eLearning and will be talking a lot more about that on this blog, my twitter and my LinkedIn (which I warmly invite you to come connect with me on!) as well as openness and networking in general over the coming months. Some other tangent topics may creep in too!

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