Portfolio Piece – Vyond Animation Video

I have added another piece to my portfolio, an animation video piece I created using Vyond.

Screenshot of my Vyond created animation

I wanted to create a fun and short video introduction to myself. I like the ‘cartoony’ animation style of Vyond and hoped to reflect my own personality into what can other wise me a boring ‘this is what I do’ list.

Vyond is an online animation video creation and editing tool, full of templates, characters, and scenarios. It is very instinctive to use, and with the editing features you can deviate from the templates to give projects your own look and feel. I think animation are particularly engaging in creating learning content for scenarios or interactions, often more comfortable to watch and digest than real-life video, especially for certain scenarios. The cartoon feel lets you push things a little more that my come across stilted in a real life set, and make difficult or embarrassing subjects a little more approachable in my opinion.

I like how narration can be added and synced to the characters, which themselves can be edited, hence we see a more accurate representation of me and my love of cake and black clothing, than a run of the mill stock character! Though for clarification if you do meet me in the flesh my hair is now currently a very sensible brown!

The downside of the narration is, even with a good internet connection, I found uploading and editing it lags and can be frustratingly slow and unstable, often needing me to log out and back in again. I used the text-to-speech generator for the narration as I could add my own voice that day as my headset was killed in an office cat related incident (which will make perfect sense when you watch the video and see how I work!). Even this generated content would cause the system to grind to a halt. This would be my biggest bugbear with Vyond. However, if I had plenty of time to work around this, I would happily use Vyond for future projects as I do think there is value to the finished project.

After creating the video I uploaded it to You Tube for two main reasons, for ease of sharing, and to use You Tube’s closed captioning functionality which isn’t currently available in Vyond and would be my second bugbear.

So here is the finished piece, a light-hearted introduction to me – hello and for now, bye!

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