Rotten to the Core

I’m sorry, that is such a clickbait title but, I couldn’t resist!

I’m pleased to say I had my operation last week and am recuperating well. Once inside the surgeons found I didn’t have gallstones plural, but one massive black pearl pigment stone, about 3cm in diameter and that my gallbladder was in fact, rotten. Full of pus and adhered to my liver and bowel. They made a marvellous job of removing the offending article and as they said, I was a bit of a walking sepsis time bomb. So after the initial shock, time to be very grateful that it is all gone and I am no longer rotten to my core (well not in that sense at least 😉 )I am already feeling better overall, hardly surprising!

Stock picture: I’m not the ‘take a picture of my own cannular sort of a gal’!

I cannot praise the care I received from the NHS and Royal Derby highly enough.

I will now endeavour to be a good patient at home – no heavy lifting or stretching for a while, and must rest when my body says so but that is easy said than done! Mum is being both nurse and warden to keep me in line.

Unfortunately, I cannot cut glass for a little while longer as it is amazing the pressure glass cutting puts through your arm and into your core without you realising it. Luckily, however, I have found I can recline with my laptop in comfort so can amuse myself spamming on the internet and getting back to studying.

Thankfully I was able to complete my TMA02 (with 91%) and complete the group project and TMA03 before going into hospital, and I will be blogging about that group project in a separate post as I would love to share our project with you and gather your feedback.

Our final module block in on Learning Analytics which I am looking forward to diving into.

With so many life changes of late, it is nice to have a breather and re-evaluate, even with 4 itchy incisions in my stomach!

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