More Change Than A Penny Arcade

Well if nothing else, I like to keep life interesting!

So a few changes have happened over the last few weeks. Or rather CHANGES, in bold….and neon…and with spikes.

I did the fatal thing of jinxing life. As I walked out of the hospital eight weeks ago after Mum’s final heart and orthopaedic check up with the thumbs up I dared to say ‘well hopefully that will be the last of this place for while, we seemed to have lived here for the last three years! Let’s have an awesome year’

Fast forward a few weeks and I was writhing in sheer agony in A&E. One infected gallbladder and I was admitted for a few days of IV antibiotics in one arm and morphine in the other.

Huge shout out to all the staff at the hospital who were nothing short of angels!

Also, I was sadly made redundant.

Redundancy has not been a pleasant experience (well, it rarely is, is it?) but after 9.5 years and feeling like I had been physically run over by a JCB, well this just made sure my brain and feelings were also turned to mush. There were, I am not afraid to admit, some exceptionally dark days afterwards and I have to thank my family, friends and GP for getting me through those. I will include a list of resources at the end of the blog post for those who may find themselves arriving at this post and in a similar position.

Needless to say physical pain and stress levels have been ‘up there’ but as they say the only way is up, or a bit zig zag at least for a while.

It has put me behind in my Masters study but I cannot praise the Open University, my tutor and my classmates enough for their support and I am slowly catching up and looking forward to the distraction and goal of my studies in the months to come. I am signed off and my operation has been set for 5th July with my doctor wanting me to take some more time out as I am a burnt out.

I like to think, or certainly hope, that all this timing and putting me out of action is for a greater purpose, a time to reassess and refocus. If nothing else I will catch up on Netflix!

I’ve started my portfolio on the site and look forward to building that out as I go along too – much overdue.

But for right now I am off to cuddle a hot water bottle and continue finishing up TMA02 and then enjoying our block 3 collaborative project which I will tell you more about soon!

Help and Resources:

Redundancy Help – Money Saving Expert

Citizen’s Advice


NHS – Help with Suicidal Thoughts



If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need support, you can text SHOUT to 85258

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