Activity Idea: Saying Goodbye in a Remote Team

Recently, we said goodbye to one of our long-standing team members at work as she moves to pastures new. We have been together for many years, gone through her pregnancy together, many birthdays, Christmases, oh yes, and work! And none of this has been face to face. I am based in the UK and she is based in the Philippines . Our team is located across the globe but somehow we’ve always felt in the same room, this makes saying goodbye a little harder.

In a physical office the chance to say goodbye can be memorialised with gifts or after dinner drinks – a proper send off and celebration.

In our last team meeting before her departure, held as always virtually, I came up with the idea of screen sharing, my go to for making mind maps. I put a photo of our colleague and friend in the centre and invited everyone to share words they think of when thinking of her and our time together. We added in branches of special memories and in-house jokes. I am not going to share the map we created as that is personal to us but I made one up you can see hear to give you a rough idea of what it can look like. We sent the map to our friend, so she can print it out and remember how much we all loved working with her and why we think she’ll grow to even higher heights in future. It was great fun to all create together, and yes there were tears!

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