Where Have I Been? Where Am I Going?

The blog wanderer returns! So, as you see I haven’t blogged in many months (shame on me). We left with me in the throws of my first module of my Masters in Online and Distance Education (MAODE). I cannot put into words the amount of paper and post-it notes I got through preparing my final external examined assignment for that but let’s cut to the good news – I passed!

No sooner had I passed though then it was time to see Mum into hospital for a total knee replacement and play Florence Nightingale for her recovery which I am pleased to say is doing very well. Throw in a dose of a very busy and hectic time at work, Christmas and some business trips….well time just flew away from me.

Now it is time to get organised and fly into 2019 with determination. Last week I started my second module in the MAODE ‘Openness and Innovation in eLearning’. Here’s the description of this module:

“Innovations in elearning continue apace, especially with the use of social software tools that encourage peer supported learning. With an emphasis on exploring innovation, you will discover some of the latest educational communication developments, the increasing use of data in education through the fast changing field of learning analytics, and also experience developments in open education. You will develop specific elearning skills (in particular those of collaborative working through an assessed elearning design activity), conduct small-scale investigations, and use case studies, with the overall aim of incorporating or rethinking elearning activity into your own professional context. This module will introduce you to current debates around the concept of openness and the ethical issues relating to learning analytics. “

I am very excited about this next module which contains a lot of critical reading and thinking, discussion, and reflection. To that last point, reflection, journalling is actively encouraged throughout the module.

This has made me contemplate what and how keeping a journal means to me. Like many forms of reflection I believe some people strive to find the perfect journal process, that there is a right or wrong way to journal. It always worries me that so many of us at work, in study, in every life task are driven by, and judge ourselves by, the perception of perfection and ‘the right way’.

Personally, I am going to journal in two ways: I am going to swing between ye olde pen and paper and a big tabbed notebook (any excuse to go to Paperchase) and blogging.

Written journalling, I can be more freeform, mind map, sketch note, doodle, colloquial to the extreme. This makes me more comfortable. The downside is it may be more difficult to scan and research during assignment preparation. 

Blogging is when I want to more vocal, hopefully entice people into conversation on the topics and share different views and resources. Blogging also allows me to draw in more mutlimedia aspects I may want to index for future reference and also allow me to be more creative such as putting my thoughts into an infographic to share with others.

I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on how they journal, especially in terms of keeping a learning journal whilst studying.

2019: the year of the learning journal

It is going to be a very busy year, especially in the first half. With work and study can I keep organised and on track (to be honest, I wouldn’t take that bet!!). There will be late nights, comfort eating, panics and middle aged tantrums I am sure, but I am sure I will learn plenty 😉

Please feel free to comment!

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