Monday Meme August 6th – Is That My Brain Melting?

It’s the fourth day of my four day weekend. I took some holiday time from work to give myself a long weekend to dedicate to study with my next assignment due next Monday.

The idea has been to rise early, study non-stop, go to bed late.

The reality has been to toss and turn through the night as Britain continues to be in a heatwave. I cannot begin to explain to you how we Brits are not built for this weather (and I still have a bit of the goth about me so, I can melt in the face of a fridge light). Finally turn on the computer, study for five minutes before googling ‘at what temperature does the brain melt?’ because you are sure you can feel the inside of your head turning to mush. Then the joy of a sweat drenched keyboard as your eyelids suddenly feel like they have a ton weight attached to them. All this before you have even clocked the assignment question!

So when I say I have sweated over this assignment i really mean it!

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