Monday Meme July 2nd – Studying Is Hot

So for a meme to kick the week off I thought I would address the current heatwave we are experiencing in the UK. Studying in the heat, over a laptop which identifies as a radiator, is not a lot of fun and very, very sticky!

My heart always goes out to those have to sit exams at this time. I don’t think the US National Bureau of Economic Research study which showed exam results worsen with increased heat shocked anyone who has sat an exam in a sweltering gym hall.  More feedback and commentary on that paper is available on the BBC News website article “Hotter years ‘mean lower exam results'”.

So joking aside, I really do hope everyone is able to keep well, hydrated and confident. There’s some good tips here from the Association of Accounting technicians on keeping cool when studying in hot weather – if you have any others to share, please do!

However, if you look for ‘exams when hot memes’ the algorithms of the search engines appear to think we are looking for encouraging words to study from Ryans Reynolds and Gosling, or equally as attractive men not named Ryan. Well who am I to argue with the search algorithms?!

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