ID6WC Week 1 – Articulate Storyline 360 Mini Course

Time to bite the bullet and join in #ID6WC (That’s the Instructional Design 6 Week Challenge with Cara North). I am hugely nervous, feel extremely amateur amongst some great IDs on Twitter. But, they are very encouraging and generous with their time and mentorship so here I am!

So Week 1 and I am revisiting an old friend I haven’t played with for a long time – Articulate Storyline. I have downloaded a free trial of Articulate Storyline 360 for these challenge (would anyone like to buy me a licence – I would love to have one of my own so I could play to my heart’s content!)

This week I just wanted to get some confidence back and see what I could produce in an evening, without using any templates etc.

As I have been diagnosed as Vitamin D deficient I decided to use that as a starting block (not that I would be producing actual content). I created master slide views with a sunny disposition! I wanted to design a small course where the user isn’t tied to a set route, one around which people may jump around as they please to get information as they wish. It’s a simple design using layers, basic branching. The intro music is from – great resource for royalty free music.

What I suspect will drive people mad – well if you have a graphic design background you may not be so keen especially as I am guilty of placing items by eye – though this design I wanted to have a bit of curve to it which is harder to place items (what’s the secret guys?!)

You can access the item below. I am finding sometimes finding the audio doesn’t always play, may be related to browser choice or just a bug but just to let you know – there is audio on slide one.

Click to launch

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