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onemilliongirlscommonweAlth education I didn’t want the week to pass without making some note of the recent Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting and the topic of girls education.

Girls education is one of the driving forces in my further study of Online and Distance Education, and e-learning. I believe technology enhanced learning will continue to be an area which can support the education of girls throughout the developing world as well as in the first world. Where my place could possibly be in that picture I don’t know yet, I just know I want to be in there helping!

As such I thought it would be good to share some of the resources and pieces I am bookmarking capturing this weeks news items on here as well on my Diigo collection. I hope these links and very brief overviews prove useful and interesting to others.

As an excellent introduction to education in the Commonwealth is Joanna Roper’s blog One in three young people live in the Commonwealth: education is the key to their future. Joanna is the FCO Special Envoy for Gender Equality and that sheer number one in three children lives in a Commonwealth country is amazing. Let’s make sure we see it as 33% of the world’s future and talent is in the Commonwealth – let’s make sure it is celebrated and enabled.

In the world a staggering 263 children are not in education. Girls are disproportionately affected. Whilst a lack of teachers and materials, school buildings and dangerous surroundings hinder education for all, for many girls even if that where overcome their access would be limited due to early marriage and child bearings, and the cultural dominance of education being a male bastion. Yet again and again we see that girls’ education not only benefits them personally but has a massive domino effect on communities at large.

If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.png

During the CHOGM, the UK Government announced support to ensure one million girls across the Commonwealth have access to at least 12 years old education.

The details of this support can be seen in the Government’s April 17th 2018 press release: UK is making sure one million girls across the Commonwealth get a quality education

One of the leading voices in empowering girls via education has been Malala Yousafzai, famously a victim of an attempt on her life for accessing education in Pakistan, Malala has become an inspiration and champion for girl’s education and has campaigned tirelessly to ensure 12 years education for girls since her own horrific experience. Malala sent an impassioned open letter to the Heads of the Commonwealth ahead of their meeting, outlining the need and benefits of investing in education for girls which can be read here. How wonderful that she is being heard, but let’s continue to amplify her words – this is only the beginning for many and others have yet to be reached and convinced.

The Commonwealth Girls Education Fund were excellently represented at the Commonwealth Women’s Forum and please do visit their website to see how you can support their efforts of ensuring secondary/high school education for girls within the Commonwealth.


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