Don’t Make Teachers and Homework the Big Bad Wolf!

Don't make teachers & homework the big bad wolf!
Don’t make teachers and homework the big bad wolf!!

I had one of those sad, tongue biting moments this week.

I went out for lunch with my mother to our favourite which was heaving with visitors and people enjoying the last week of the Easter holidays. as we took our seats, the people on the table next door were getting ready to leave – two women and four children all under seven years old I reckon (though I am notoriously bad at ageing children!) The two older boys were suitably excitable having been out, sat done and full of food; one of them became particularly boisterous.

And so began the ‘if you don’t behave. this is what will happen’

It started with the promise of 30 minutes time out in his room when they got home if he didn’t square up, but he didn’t. So bigger guns came out. The threat of no electronics – no Xbox, no phone, no kindle….but still he was more intent on thumping the other boy in the arm.

And do came the threat of all threats.

“When we get home I am going to make you do your homework!”

To back her up her friend chimed in “And Miss <teacher’s name> will come round to your house and make sure you are doing” whilst pulling the same scaring face as when you tell Halloween stories of the bogey man.

Now homework is a contentious issue and Miss <teacher’s name> may be a regular Miss Trenchbull but please can we not use teachers and homework as a big bad wolf?

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  1. Children should never be threatened to make them do their homework or have the teacher held up as the big bad wolf. Education should be fun so kids want to learn and punishment should be appropriate to the offence.

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